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Missile Defense Agency Public Statements

The Missile Defense Agency's program is structured to respond to existing and emerging ballistic missile threats to the United States, its forward deployed forces, allies, and friends around the world. The funding for the BMD program is submitted each year in the President's Budget. The MDA's director and staff testify before the congressional defense committees to explain the status of the BMD programs and to justify the organization's funding. Read the recent written statements prepared for congressional committees by clicking the links below.

To learn more about the legislative process, visit the Library of Congress website.

MDA Public Statements: 2016

MDA Public Statements: 2015

  • March 19, 2015 - Vice Adm. Syring
    House Armed Services Committee
    Subcommittee on Strategic Forces
    Written Statement
  • March 18, 2015 - Vice Adm. Syring
    Senate Appropriations Committee
    Subcommittee on Defense
    Written Statement [Video Footage]

MDA Public Statements: 2014

Public Statements Archive

Download public statements and Congressional testimony from previous years in our archive.