Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communications (C2BMC)

The Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) program is the integrating element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS). It is a vital operational system that enables the U.S. president, secretary of defense, and combatant commanders at strategic, regional and operational levels to systematically plan ballistic missile defense operations, to collectively see the battle develop, and to dynamically manage designated networked sensors and weapons systems to achieve global and regional mission objectives.

C2BMC supports a layered missile defense capability that enables an optimized response to threats of all ranges in all phases of flight. C2BMC is the force multiplier that globally and regionally networks, integrates and synchronizes autonomous sensor and weapon systems and operations to optimize performance. C2BMC is an integral part of all system ground and flight tests which verify and exercise all current and future BMDS capabilities.
Through its operational software and networks, the C2BMC program provides redundant connectivity and enables on-site operations and sustainment for global combatant commanders. It provides key BMDS operational services through six product lines:

Ballistic Missile Defense Planner

  • Allows the warfighter to collaboratively plan, coordinate, and optimize high demand-low density BMD resources.
  • Provides the means for collaborative planning and defense design development at all levels of command – strategic, operational, and tactical—between the combatant commands and the BMDS element planners.

Command and Control

  • Provides situational awareness by turning detailed data into decision quality information for combatant commanders.
  • Emphasizes a common, single, integrated ballistic missile picture and provides the status of the overall BMDS from the president down to the operational levels of command.

Battle Manager

  • Supports multiple tier engagement coordination and provides BMDS battle management capability.
  • Acts as a force multiplier to achieve an integrated and layered ballistic missile defense system through improved sensor resource management and engagement coordination.

Ballistic Missile Defense Network

  • Provides secure network communications for the individual sensors and weapon elements of the BMDS.
  • Provides robust, high-availability connectivity to quickly and unambiguously share information across the global BMDS.

Concurrent Test, Training, and Operations

  • Affords combatant commanders the ability to maintain their operational capability, participate in exercises, provide training, and test and rehearse mission scenarios while the system is in an operational or “on alert” state.
  • Enables the warfighter to conduct distributed, high–fidelity, Operator-in-the-Loop, end-to-end training for missile defense operations.

International Interoperability

  • Supports warfighters in establishing international interfaces.
  • Provides MDA support to international system engineering, testing, and policy agreements.

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