U.S. Department of Defense - Missile Defense Agency

U.S. Department of Defense - Missile Defense Agency

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International Cooperation


NATO NATO BMD Interim Capability; ALTBMD;
BMD (Territorial Missile Defense); Interoperability Tests with EPAA
Czech Republic BMD Framework Partner; RDT&E Cooperative Projects
Denmark BMD Framework Partner; Thule Upgraded Early Warning Radar; RDT&E Cooperative Project
France University to Univerisyt Research; Cooperative R&D Agreement
Germany PAC-3
Italy BMD Framework Partner
Netherlands PAC-3, Maritime BMD studies
Poland Agreed to host Aegis Ashore
Romania Agreed to host Aegis Ashore
Spain Hosting BMD-capable ships to support NATO BMD and other missions
Turkey AN/TPY-2 radar host, University to University Research
UK BMD Framework Partner; Fylingdales Upgraded Early Warning Radar, Joint Project Arrangements for Cooperative Projects

Middle East

Israel Arrow Deployed, Arrow System Improvement Program; development of David's Sling Weapon System; Iron Dome
Kuwait Missile defense discussions
Qatar Missile defense discussions
Saudi Arabia Missile defense discussions, PAC-3 purchase
United Arab Emirates Foreign Military Salescases for THAAD and PAC-3

Asia / Pacific

Australia flag Australia BMD Framework Partner; R&D Cooperative Project
Japan BMD Framework Partner; AN/TPY-2 radar host, 21" Missile Development; 4 Aegis BMD capable ships
ROK Missile defense discussions
  • 1Enagement / Outreach
  • 2Missile Defense Analysis
  • 3Cooperative Missile Defense Projects
  • 4Co-Development
  • 5Deployment