Supporting Efforts

The Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) is a complex system of elements and supporting efforts. The supporting efforts enable the MDA to develop and evaluate technologies that will respond to the changing threat. These supporting efforts are:

  • Advanced Technology: Advanced Technology develops new system concepts and key components to ensure the BMDS keeps pace with the continually evolving ballistic missile threat.
  • Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center: The Integration and Operations Center supports research and development, agency operations, test and evaluation, and operational training for missile defense capabilities.

  • Targets and Countermeasures: The Targets and Countermeasures directorate oversees the design, development, manufacture and integration of threat-representative, reliable, and cost-effective ballistic missile targets and countermeasures for the BMDS test and assessment program. The program also executes pre and post-test data reduction and identifies target characterization activities necessary to support the Agency’s test objectives.
  • Testing: The test program provides critical data to demonstrate the performance of the BMDS and its elements. Ground- and flight-tests demonstrate and assess system capabilities and provide data for advanced modeling and simulation activities that measure and predict the performance of all missile defense technologies.