U.S. Department of Defense - Missile Defense Agency

U.S. Department of Defense - Missile Defense Agency


The Missile Defense Agency's (MDA) mission is to develop and deploy a layered Missile Defense System to defend the United States, its deployed forces, allies, and friends from missile attacks in all phases of flight.

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  • July 12, 2021 - Technicians with the Missile Defense Agency Nanosat Testbed Initiative and VOX Space hold one of two CubeSats MDA successfully deployed to space June 30, 2021, aboard a VOX Space, LLC LauncherOne rocket as part of a payload-sharing arrangement with the Department of Defense’s Space Test Program. The CubeSats began communicating with ground stations over the Fourth of July weekend and will soon begin communicating with each other as part of MDA’s CubeSat Networked Communications Experiment Block 1, which will inform U.S. missile defense technology development.Read More about this story

  • Nov 16, 2020 - A SM-3 Block IIA is launched from the USS John Finn DDG-113, an Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System-equipped destroyer, Nov. 16, 2020, as part of Flight Test Aegis Weapons System-44 (FTM-44).Read More about this story

  • August 30, 2019 - The U.S. Missile Defense Agency, Ballistic Missile Defense System Operational Test Agency and U.S. Army soldiers of the E-62 Battery, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, conducted an intercept test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) element of the nation's Ballistic Missile Defense System. Read More about this story

  • March 25, 2019 - The 'lead' Ground-based Interceptor is launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., March 25, 2019, in the first-ever salvo engagement test of a threat-representative ICBM target. The two GBIs successfully intercepted a target launched from the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll. Read More about this story

  • Dec. 11, 2018 - The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and U.S. Navy sailors manning the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Test Complex (AAMDTC) at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) at Kauai, Hawaii, successfully conducted Flight Test Integrated-03 (FTI-03). Read More about this story

FTM-44 Flight Test Animation and Video with Sound

FTM-44 Flight Test Photos

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