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Israel Begins Initial Testing For Deployment of Elevated Sensor

November 3, 2021

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), part of the Defense Development and Research Directorate (DDR&D) within the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD), commenced inflation of the High Availability Aerostat System (HAAS) and initial testing for deployment of an Elevated Sensor (ES) system in Northern Israel at facilities established by IMOD.

Following years of development and manufacturing, IMDO with the Israeli Air Force and industry partners, began initial inflation operations in November 2021. The HAAS is one of the world’s largest aerostats. It is designed to carry an improved sensing system, to provide detection and early warning of cruise missiles and advanced threats aimed towards Israel.

The ES system is comprised of the HAAS and an advanced radar designed to detect incoming threats at long ranges when operating at high altitudes. It will provide additional detection and early warning capabilities to the existing operational air defense detection array deployed around the State of Israel. This radar system was developed under a cooperative program between IMDO and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

IMDO Director Moshe Patel said, “During recent months, in several flight test campaigns, we have demonstrated Israel’s Multi-Tier Missile Defense Array’s outstanding capabilities against advanced threats including Cruise Missiles. This aerostat system will cruise at high altitude and provide an exceptional multi-directional detection capability against advanced threats including cruise missiles.”

MDA Director Vice Adm. Jon Hill said, “The Elevated Sensor is another great example of cooperation between the Missile Defense Agency, IMDO, and industry partners. The co-developed technology and research is a benefit to both nations. Additionally, this system will further enhance Israel’s advanced threat detection capabilities to maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge.”

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Israel Ministry of Defense Media Contact: Orna Simchoni-Ofer, 972-3-6975546, dover@mod.gov.il

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