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ASEV J7.B Product Development Demonstration 2 Successful

January 19, 2022

On January 19, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and U.S. Navy Aegis Technical Representative (TECHREP) witnessed another successful demonstration of the J7.B software for the Japanese Aegis System-Equipped Vessel (ASEV). Japan will field J7.B and the SPY-7(V)1 radar onboard a sea-based ASEV platform to provide ballistic missile defense (BMD) of the Japanese homeland.

An initial demonstration of ASEV Release 2 capabilities, conducted in August 2021, showed Aegis Baseline J7.B with SPY-7(V)1 has the capability to perform engagements against ballistic missiles with the U.S.-Japan jointly-developed SM-3 Block IIA. In addition to the capabilities demonstrated at Mid-Release 2, this Release 2 demonstration proved the complete control of the SPY-7(V)1 radar with Aegis Baseline J7.B hardware and software including BMD engagement, air search and track radar operations, and system monitoring and diagnostics. Specifically, both organic and remote BMD engagements were demonstrated and the complete BMD fire control loop was exercised while conducting simultaneous air search and track operations. Integration activities will continue as Release 3 develops additional tactical capabilities.

MDA Director Vice Adm. Jon Hill said, “With this demonstration, MDA has confirmed Aegis Baseline J7.B hardware and software can command and control the SPY-7(V)1 radar, demonstrating the Weapon System’s ability to complete the BMD engagement fire control loop, as well as detect, track, and discriminate large raids of BMD threats. This represents a significant milestone in development and integration efforts, and the overall ASEV J7.B with SPY-7 effort remains on track for meeting cost, schedule, and performance criteria.”

The SPY-7(V)1 radar uses scaled equipment and software derived from the MDA’s advanced Long Range Discriminating Radar (LRDR) located in Clear, Alaska. LRDR commemorated Initial Fielding on Dec. 6, 2021.

Once complete, MDA and the Aegis TECHREP will test the Aegis J7.B weapon system in its final configuration, including the SPY-7(V)1 radar, at the Aegis Production Test Center (PTC). The Aegis PTC has supported testing and certification of the Aegis weapon system with sea-based radars, including all variants of the Aegis SPY-1 radar. The Aegis PTC will be equipped with four production SPY-7 arrays and conduct live ballistic missile target tracking exercises prior to shipment of the equipment to the Government of Japan for integration onto their future ASEV platform.